Commonwealth Games

PCM enviro are the exclusive distributors for the ShotStop Shooting Curtain system. Recently installed and used at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, this amazing system has a number of benefits for shooters and gun clubs. These include:

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Less Wind Effected Targets
  • Optimal Visual Background for Target Aquiring
  • Reduced Fallout Area (By up to 60%)
  • Optimise Lead Shot return to club
  • Effective Containment of Lead Shot
  • Ideal for clubs/sites with Constrained/Protected areas
  • Noise Reduction

The Design of a Shotstop Shooting Curtain System takes into account your club’s requirements, the shooting layouts, positions and disciplines, and also surrounding environmental factors. A site inspection is recommended by one of our representatives.

“the Shotstop system is definitely the way of the future for clay target shooting, the system has many great environmental benefits and improves the definition on orange targets”

James Willett, Olympian, World Champion ISSF Double Trap

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